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At Clawear

We specialize in bulk orders customized to fit your preferences. As your favourite Outdoor and Wildlife brand, we prioritize flexibility and personalization. Whether it's unique designs, specific sizes, or particular quantities, count on us to deliver precisely what you require. Our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) guarantee quality and style, allowing you to order with confidence. Get in touch with us for seamless bulk order fulfilment, tailored to your needs.

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  • At Clawear

    You get Customisations on our existing designs as per your needs (MOQ required)

  • At Clawear

    You get Sampling Services if required
    (We charge a small fee for sampling)

  • At Clawear

    You get ⁠Best prices and top quality products (Branded and Co-Branded)

  • At Clawear

    You get ⁠Timely and Hassle-free Deliveries

Bulk Fabric Collections

Elevate your sewing project with ease by placing a bulk fabric order. And experience the convenience of wholesale fabric online shopping for unbeatable deals and vast variety.

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