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The Founders

  • Devaki Zaveri

    The Co-Founder of Clawear has taken this path to express her undying love for Wildlife and Fashion. She holds a graduate degree in Fashion Communication and Styling from ISDI Parsons, Mumbai but has never left her passion for Wildlife unattended. Clawear is a medium for her to stay connected to the wild while making a change and doing what she loves. As an enthusiastic traveller and explorer, she aims to inspire others to experience and appreciate the wild as she does.

  • Rohin Zaveri

    The Co-Founder of Clawear, has a background in business and jewelry. Amidst the Covid pandemic, he discovered his real calling - Capturing the majestic wildlife through his lens. Self-taught in wildlife photography, he's unwavering in his dedication. He envisions Clawear to be a community of like minded individuals who share the same passion and interest and a one stop solution for all wildlife lovers like himself. He holds a degree in Branding and Advertising from NMIMS, Mumbai which makes it easier for him to take Clawear to the top. 

Our Vision

  • In a world where every adventure requires its own unique clothing, we asked why those who love nature should settle for anything less than outstanding. Clawear is our response – a symbol of our dedication to providing clothing that not only matches the thrill of exploration but enhances it.  Our range of apparel isn't just stitched fabric; it's a companionship in the wild and a statement of unwavering respect for the beauty of nature. 

    Our brand essence is founded upon two pivotal pillars that guide every stitch, every design, and every endeavor we undertake - sustainability and social consciousness. From our inception, we chose to embark on a zero-waste journey, meticulously utilizing surplus materials for packaging and crafting ingenious packaging solutions that live beyond their initial use. We take pride in dressing you in not just stylish garments, but in garments that hold the earth's well-being close to their seams.

Our Mission

  • At Clawear, our goal is clear: to be the top sustainable wildlife clothing brand for nature and wildlife lovers worldwide. We blend function and fashion, providing practical and comfortable clothing that empowers outdoor enthusiasts to fully enjoy nature. We're eco-conscious too, reducing waste and using eco-friendly materials in our packaging. Giving back is essential to us – a portion of our earnings supports animal conservation. With a strong commitment to quality and ethics, we're changing the way adventure lovers connect with nature through their clothing.